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Are you concerned that our dentist may tell you that you need an extraction? With local anesthetics, such as Novocain, the procedure is virtually painless. You may feel pressure, but you won’t feel any pain during the extraction. In fact, dental extractions are over so quickly that you won’t have time to worry about feeling any pain.

What Does Getting a Tooth Pulled Cost?

We calculate your tooth extraction cost on the difficulty of the extraction and the tooth’s location in your mouth. Our dentist can give you a quote after an examination to assess your unique situation. If you are covered by dental insurance, our staff can help you estimate the portion of our fee you will pay. Call us to make an appointment.

How Does an Oral Surgery Tooth Extraction Work?

We will be happy to refer you to a local oral surgeon when the extraction is complex or the tooth is impacted. An oral surgeon will make an incision in your gum to access the tooth and remove it.

When Is Getting a Tooth Extracted Inescapable?

Our dentist will let you know when an extraction is your only treatment option. This situation can occur when your tooth is severely damaged, too decayed to attempt a root canal or loosened from advanced gum disease. Extractions are also often necessary if your teeth are too crowded.

Will a Dentist Extract Broken or Fractured Teeth?

If you have a broken or fractured tooth where the pulp is compromised, our dentist will see if performing a root canal could save the tooth. If not, our dentist will pull it, making the process as quick and pain-free as possible.

Why Would My Child Need a Tooth Extracted?

There are several reasons why your child might need a tooth extracted, including large cavities and accidental injuries. Baby teeth can also be stubborn and refuse to fall out in time. Our dentist may suggest an extraction so the permanent tooth does not become impacted. If your child needs our extraction service, please call for an appointment. Our dentist won’t pull out a baby tooth unless it’s absolutely necessary. If an extraction is the best option, we will put your child at ease and make the experience as pain-free and stress-free as possible.

Would I Need a Tooth Extraction If I Have Periodontal Disease?

When gum disease advances without treatment, the bacteria can do a great deal of damage to your gums, tooth roots and jaw bone. Eventually, your teeth will become sensitive and loose. It’s better to have a dentist extract the teeth than letting them fall out on their own to keep the site clean. Call our office to make an appointment if you need extractions of loose teeth.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Extractions So Common?

Wisdom teeth, which appear between the ages of 17 and 21, may cause a problem if you do not have room in your jaw for them to come in correctly. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, or trapped under your gums, our dentist will send you to an oral surgeon to extract them. If your wisdom teeth emerge crooked, our dentist can extract them to prevent your wisdom teeth from damaging neighboring teeth or becoming a place for food to become trapped, which leads to decay. Call us to schedule your appointment if your wisdom teeth are bothering you.

Can I Have Too Crowded Teeth Treated with a Tooth Extraction?

When you have too many teeth in your mouth compared to the size of your jaw, your teeth can grow in misaligned and your bite may be off. Our dentist may suggest tooth removal before getting braces to give your teeth more room to align properly. Call our office if you need an extraction by a dentist who cares about your comfort.

What Do I Have to Do After Having a Tooth Pulled?

You’ll receive detailed instructions before leaving our office. Basically, you’ll be advised not to smoke or make any sucking or blowing action for at least 24 hours. Minimize physical activity for a day or as directed. The site may bleed for a while after the extraction, use gauze as needed, but don’t rinse for 24 hours. Chew on the side opposite the wound for several days. You may have minor pain and swelling for a day or two; our dentist will offer recommendations to ease your discomfort.

How Long Should I Expect Tooth Extraction Healing to Last?

During the first 24 hours, a blood clot forms at the extraction site and the bleeding stops. Within a week, the site of a simple extraction will heal. A surgical or a molar extraction will take several more weeks to heal.

If you are searching for a reliable dentist for a tooth extraction in Bradenton, Call our office at (941) 538-6339 to make an appointment.

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