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What Can Dentures Do For Your Smile?

A denture can dramatically improve your smile by replacing all of your lost teeth. You don’t need to suffer with chewing challenges, speaking problems, or appearance changes caused by missing teeth because a denture can make your smile better than ever. Dentures are dental appliances comprised of artificial teeth that are secured to a removable dental frame or a permanent dental implant. A denture not only improves your confidence, speech, and appearance, but also keeps your facial structure supported and lets you reclaim full dental function. With proper care, they can stay strong for more than 10 years, which makes a denture a rewarding investment in the health of your smile.

Are There Various Types of Dentures?

You will find that there is a wide array of dentures in Bradenton available, but only certain types will be right for you. Trust our experienced dentist to fully examine your smile and explain the various options that would provide the best results. First, discover the differences among the many types of dentures available today below.

Why Are There both Full and Partial Dentures?

A full denture replaces all of your lower and upper teeth, while a partial denture is used when only a few of your natural teeth are missing.

With a full denture, any remaining natural teeth will be extracted and then you will be given a temporary denture to wear until your gums have completely healed. Upon healing, you will return to our office to be comfortably fit with your new permanent dentures. When you opt for a full denture, you can choose a removable denture that lays on top of your gums. Or, you can select a fixed denture, which is permanently secured in your jaw with dental implants.

Choosing a partial denture allows you to keep your natural healthy teeth and still replace any missing teeth. A partial denture is comprised of a structure similar to a bridge, yet it differs from a bridge because it is not permanently secured to the adjacent teeth. Rather, a partial denture attaches to the teeth on both sides of a missing tooth with metal clasps, which makes it easy to remove for nighttime cleaning.

What Are the Benefits of Flexible Partial Dentures?

Basically, a flexible partial denture lacks the metal clasps and inflexible base of a traditional denture. Instead, it is crafted from a pliable material for added comfort. With its natural gum-colored base and bendable clasps, your new teeth will look and feel like they are real.

Should You Consider Implant-Supported Dentures?

An implant-supported denture uses either two or four dental implants to replace teeth instead of having the denture lay on top of your gums. This kind of denture is mainly used for the bottom denture because the extra strength and chewing stability that implants provide aren’t typically needed for upper dentures. Be aware that these need to removed and cleansed each night, just as a traditional denture does.

Could All-on-Four Dentures Be Right for You?

With this innovative implant procedure, you can get a complete set of replacement teeth with only four dental implants placed in your lower jaw. For maximum bite strength and the added ease of a fixed denture, this is the ideal denture option.

What Does the Denture Procedure Entail?

Only a couple of steps are involved in obtaining a set of dentures, yet they will vary based on the denture variety you choose and the health of your teeth and gums. For most patients, the dentist will measure your mouth and take an impression of your teeth and gums to make sure that your final denture has the proper fit and comfort. Then, you will have any decayed or damaged teeth extracted. At this appointment, you will also be supplied with a temporary denture that can be work your worm until your final version is ready. The process changes slightly at this point if you’re getting an implant-supported denture because the dentist will place your dental implants instead.

When your full or partial denture is ready for placement, you will return to our office so your dentist can fit your denture and make any adjustments needed to ensure maximum dental comfort and function.

What Will Your Dentures Cost?

If you think that it’s impossible to find affordable quality dentures, think again because our experienced dentists can supply you with a denture that fits your budget, needs, and preferences. First, you need to understand that the final cost is determined by the selected style, materials required, and number of treatments needed for healthy placement. To discover all of the facts about dentures and set up a convenient consultation, please contact us today.

Why Do Some People Opt for a Soft Denture Reline ?

If you prefer a denture made of softer, more pliable lining material instead of an acrylic lining, then this type of denture may be for you. Soft relines remain flexible for several years and save you from the soreness and discomfort caused by hard acrylic dentures.

Discover the freedom and the comfort of a denture today. Our dentists can craft a comfortable, quality denture for you that lets you regain a healthy, attractive, and confident smile. Please call office today to learn more about the many benefits of a denture.

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